Privacy policy
By installing and using inCaller (the “Application”) you acknowledge you have read and agree to be bound by the Privacy Policy contained in this document. If you do not wish to agree to the Privacy Policy, please uninstall and refrain from using the Application.

inCaller Management Pte. Ltd., (“inCaller”) developers of the Application, are committed to protecting your privacy online. As such, we have adopted and adhere to certain principals concerning the privacy of information you provide to us in the course of using the Application. Please read the following to learn what information we collect from you and how we use that information.

1. Changes to Privacy Policy

inCaller may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised Privacy Policy in the “Privacy Policy” section of the website, located at . The revised Privacy Policy is effective immediately when posted on the website. It is your responsibility to review the website and the Privacy Policy periodically to learn of any revisions to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Application after the effectiveness of such revisions will constitute your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.

2. Protecting Your Privacy

inCaller is committed to protecting your privacy:

Your name and contact information will not be shared with Third Parties for marketing purposes without your permission.

You may “opt-in” to marketing communications on signup, but may “opt-out,” at any time—so you will not receive marketing communications from us unless you choose to receive them.

Rich media communications handled through the Application are transmitted through inCaller systems and servers, or by third-party partners on behalf of inCaller, but inCaller does not retain any of your communications in any format.

inCaller does not knowingly collect any information or allow accounts to be held by users under the age of 13. If an account is discovered which is believed to be held by a user under 13 years of age, the account will be terminated.

3. What Information We Collect and Store and Why

We may collect your contact information, such as phone number and email address.

We may collect your phone number, email address, and other information needed to contact you and connect you with other users. We use your contact information to keep in touch with you regarding new releases of the Application, including bug-fixes or new features, as well as to comply with any requirements of law. From time-to-time, we may request to share your contact information with third party partners, however, your information will never be shared without your permission.

We collect your phone book/contacts.

Upon installation of the Application, we may collect your phone book/contacts. We store your contact phone numbers on our server to facilitate using the Application, but we do not store the names or other identifying information for your contacts. We use this information to effect communication and connect you with other callers using the Application, and to comply with any requirements of law. This information will be disclosed only to our staff and to our immediate agents and will never be shared with third parties for any purpose other than using the Application.

We may collect other kinds of information from you.

When you use the Application, we may collect incidental identifying information about you, such as the types of media you send, how long your calls last, call regions, etc. This information does not inherently reveal your identity and will not be linked to you personally. We use this information to improve the functionality of the Application. This information may be disclosed only to our staff and to our immediate agents.

We do not collect financial information.

All of the financial transactions related to your use of the Application are handled through the third-party app store (such as the Apple App Store or Google Play). inCaller does not collect or store your financial information directly.

4. Security of Information

Unfortunately, no data transmission over the Internet or any wireless network can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while inCaller employs commercially reasonable security measures to protect data and seek to partner with companies that do the same, inCaller cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted to or from the Application, and is not responsible for the actions of any third parties that may receive any such information.

5. Third Party Services

This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information inCaller collects from you. Other services that may be accessible via the Application or in conjunction with the Application have their own privacy policies and data collection, use and disclosure practices.

Voice communications, while enhanced by the Application, are handled by your individual cellular, or third-party Voice over IP (“VoIP”) providers. Cellular services and VoIP services provided by third parties are governed by their own Privacy Policies, which you are solely responsible for reviewing.

We are not responsible for the policies or practices of third parties. inCaller makes no warranties, guarantees or representations with respect to any third-party policies, and fully disclaims any liability with respect to third-party services to the fullest extent of the law.

6. Release of Information

inCaller may release any user information as required by law or in the good faith belief that disclosure of information is reasonably necessary to comply with a subpoena, discovery request, court order or other legal process issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

inCaller may also release any user information in the good faith belief that such disclosure of information is reasonably necessary to enforce the Terms and Conditions of Use for the Application, to defend or respond to any legal actions initiated by third-parties related to the user account or content posted by the user; or to protect the personal safety of inCaller staff, users, or the general public.

7. International Users

By installing and using the Application, you acknowledge that your information may be used and stored on servers located around the world, including the United States, Europe, Russia and Singapore, and therefore transferred out of your resident jurisdiction. By using the site, you are consenting to any international exchange of the information provided and you are consenting to the policies contained in this document and posted on the inCaller website. You hereby acknowledge that you are providing all information voluntarily, with the understanding that any use of the Application governed by the laws of Singapore regarding any disputes which may arise under this Agreement or use of the Application or website.

8. Comments and Feedback

inCaller welcomes and encourages your comments and feedback on this Privacy Policy and any of our other policies. Please visit our website at or email us at with any comments or questions.